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The Advantages of Breast Augmentation in Honolulu

honolulu breast augmentation

One of the most common surgeries that Dr. Honolulu performs in Honolulu is breast augmentation. A large percentage of women are unsatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, which is why they choose to have breast augmentation. This lack of satisfaction usually leads to self-esteem issues that can lead to depression and an overall withdrawal from social situations. Before you give up and resign yourself to a life of dissatisfaction with your breasts, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Honolulu. He will be able to let you know his professional opinion on what you need to do to get the breasts that you want. Here are a few things you can expect when you have your breast augmentation performed by Dr. Honolulu.

Reshaping and Resizing

One of the best parts about getting your breasts augmented by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Honolulu is that you have options to both resize and reshape your breasts. This means that you will be able to make your breasts more symmetrical, which is always a top concern for many women. You will also be able to choose the cup size that works for you and your lifestyle. If you are unsure about the right cup size, then Dr. Honolulu will be able to help you decide the best option for you.

Better Fitting Clothing

Another benefit of having your breasts augmented by Dr. Honolulu is that it will allow you more choices when it comes to the type and size of clothing that you can wear. For the most part, women with smaller, misshapen breasts have a hard time finding the right type of clothing to fit their body type. Having breast augmentation done will allow you to make a change for the better in the way you present yourself to the people around you. You need to assess the type of augmentations you will make to your breasts in order to decide the best fitting clothes.

Decreased Recovery Time

Due to the techniques and procedures that Dr. Honolulu uses during the breast augmentations he performs, your recovery time may be significantly reduced. Dr. Honolulu has a deep knowledge and respect for the tissue that exists in the body and this knowledge allows him to place and shape it in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing but has very little disruption to the body.

If you are tired of never having clothes that seem to fit right or avoiding social situations due to the size of your breast, then you may need to consider breast augmentation. The breast augmentation that Dr. Honolulu performs will reshape and resize your breasts in a way that looks natural and noticeable. You need to call the office of Dr. Honolulu so they can schedule a consultation. Putting this surgery off will only keep the pattern of low self-esteem going, so time is definitely a factor. Be sure to call today so you can make your Honolulu breast augmentation dream a reality.