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Dr Honolulu: One of the Leading Plastic Surgeons in Honolulu

The people who go out actively seeking great plastic surgeons in Honolulu are usually doing so because they are unhappy with a part of their body and want to change it. One of the best plastic surgeons in Honolulu is Dr. Honolulu. He has been ranked among the best doctors in Honolulu in two different categories, plastic surgery and hand surgery. He allows people to change the body imperfections that they have, which gives them a renewed sense of confidence. Here are a few things that you can expect when you visit Dr. Honolulu.

Up to Date Techniques

The world of plastic surgery is an ever changing and evolving one. Dr. Honolulu believes in keeping up with those changes in order to best serve his patients. These days, people are looking for procedures that have very little down time and limited scarring. Depending on the procedures that you want to have done such as a tummy tuck or liposuction, these newer techniques that are used by Dr. Honolulu can help reduce the scarring and pain that you have afterwards. These days, having plastic surgery has become part of the culture, which means that people have far higher standards than ever before. By choosing Dr. Honolulu as your plastic surgeon, you will be able get the top notch cosmetic surgery from one of the premier plastic surgeons in Honolulu.

Surgery with Care

Dr. Honolulu’s training was based on the reconstructive skills that were taught to him by some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. Each surgery that Dr. Honolulu performs is done so with the maximum amount of forethought and planning, which means there is far less room for errors and excess scarring. The precious anatomic tissue that is located in the body has to be handled with care in order to prevent damage or undue scarring to the area that is being operated on. The techniques that Dr. Honolulu uses will help to ensure that you will have a great cosmetic surgery experience.

Moving Energy: Meditation Techniques that Work

Another unique skill set that Dr. Honolulu brings to his practice is Aikido breathing techniques which he learned in medical school back in the 70’s. These techniques allow Dr. Honolulu to completely focus on the task at hand and put all of his energy into the surgery or procedure he is performing. These breathing techniques help Dr. Honolulu avoid any shaking or tremors when performing microsurgery. His steady hands are part of the reason why Dr. Honolulu was elected the Director of Microsurgery and Replantation Services at Hershey Medical Center in Penn State University Hospital. On returning home to Honolulu in 1990, Dr. Honolulu continued his martial arts training, attained a Masters Certificate in Chin Na, currently teaches Tai Chi Chuan, and has integrated mindful energy techniques with his surgical craft to provide remarkable balance in structure and narcotic free procedures.

With all of his qualifications and past success, it is no wonder why so many people in Hawaii come to him for their cosmetic surgery needs. You can schedule a consultation and let Dr. Honolulu assess exactly what needs to be done. If you are looking for one of the best plastic surgeons in Honolulu, then look no further than Dr. Honolulu.