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What’s The Best Age For Facelift? Dr Honolulu on 14 Nov 2019

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Deciding when to have a facelift is a serious medical decision, just like a Honolulu breast augmentation. There are several factors to consider, with age being one of the central issues. However, there is no optimum age for having a facelift surgery performed. People choose a facelift for a variety of reasons ranging from cosmetic to medical, but many will also have a facelift done for professional reasons. And, similar to a breast augmentation in Honolulu, a decision to have a mommy makeover in Honolulu can surely be added to the list. Some individuals just have the procedure done for personal confidence reasons. Regardless of your age at the time, it is always imperative to have an experienced cosmetic surgeon performing the work to ensure a desired outcome.


Facelift Before Age 50


Many young people will select to have a facelift and actually even have better results than those opting for the surgery later in life. Younger recipients typically have stronger cells and will recovery more quickly, not to mention that younger recipients often see better overall results. There are generally no restrictions on subsequent facelifts, as many people have several facelifts through out their lifetime. There is no definite drawback from having a facelift while young either. It is merely a matter of personal choice.


Facelift After Age 50


The older generation is indeed the age group that chooses a facelift in the highest numbers. Many candidates actually plan the work well in advance when they see signs of aging they do not like. Instead of making a quick irrational decision, they look at all of the issues and determine a best time to have the procedure. In addition, just as with having a Honolulu breast augmentation, having the right Honolulu plastic surgeon is a very serious decision as well. There are more possibilities for recovery problems with older recipients, and having confidence in your doctor is important. Skin cells do not regenerate as fast later in life either, and the procedure itself is often typically more invasive and complex in nature.


Anyone considering a facelift or a neck lift should be aware that there could be some complications that younger recipients will not experience, but a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon should clear up any apprehension. Medical professionals always want their clients to understand the pros and cons of having any surgical procedure conducted. It is ultimately a serious decision that should be done with plenty of informational input.

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