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Textured Implants vs. Smooth Implants: Choosing the Right Implant for You Dr Honolulu on 06 Sep 2019

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Breast augmentation has been a very popular form of plastic surgery for many years. It has actually been the most common as well. And even though many women have had the procedure in one form or another, even more have considered the option without making a final decision to have it done. It is a very serious medical undertaking that requires considerable thought beforehand, and still requires even more discussion with the right Honolulu breast augmentation professional who can deliver the exact result the recipient wants. Implants are not a one-size-fits-all choice, and it is important to do some research long before the fact regarding what type of implant would be best for you. This even includes any mommy makeover in Honolulu. Understanding the two primary types is important.


Textured Implants


The major difference between textured implants and smooth implants is possibility for rotation in the future after an extended time. Certain issues like the build and overall size of the recipient can impact the decision. Textured implants are also typically shaped like a teardrop and can come in a variety of cup sizes when you select the right surgeon for breast augmentation in Honolulu. The purpose of the texturing is to provide stabilization and security for the implant to avoid shifting later.


Smooth Implants


Smooth implants are round in shape and there is little need for any texturing to hold the implants in place over a long period of time. They also do not tend to shift as often because the circular shape serves as a natural resistor to help maintain their positioning over longevity. Smooth implants are by far the most common in the United States, and they can be selected for a wide variety of body sizes and physical builds.


An in-depth consultation with your Honolulu breast augmentation specialist can help immensely with the selection process, in particular focusing on your goal for having the procedure performed. The ultimate outcome is priority #1 for such an important decision regarding the way you look and feel about yourself. Everyone wants a breast augmentation that accomplishes what was intended, and that is why finding the right breast augmentation professional is so vital.


Currently, many patients are considering fat transfer as another option for breast augmentation in Honolulu. This recycles the unwanted fat that is commonly found in the belly or flanks and is difficult to lose with diet and exercise. We put the volume into the breasts by injection.

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