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What You Should Know Before Having a Breast Augmentation in Honolulu Randy Wong, MD on 02 Mar 2016

According to plastic surgery experts in Honolulu, the demand for a breast augmentation isn’t going to wane anytime soon, as women have become more and more critical of their looks each day. If you’ve been thinking about getting a breast augmentation, here are a few things you need to know before going under the knife.

  1. Smaller Breasts are Now Better

    Gone are the days when the trend called for bigger breasts. Women are now opting to have smaller silicone implants and some are even scheduling to have their breasts reduced to a smaller size. This mentality is heavily influenced by celebrities who pride for having smaller, more natural looking breasts sizes. Also, there has been a negative stance to having large implants such as having a fake look, as well as sagging and stretching skin in the chest area.

  2. Your First Surgery Won’t Be Your Last

    honolulu-plastic-surgery-what-you-should-know-before-having-breast-augmentationJust like anything else in life, your implants won’t last forever. As some point after you have them done, you’ll either have to have them replaced or removed. Plastic surgeons in Honolulu recommend an annual scan of the breast implants ten years after the treatment. When implants reach a ten-year mark, there is a higher chance of the implants rupturing or hardening.

  3. Find the Right Doctor

    This is by far the most important pointer of this article. With all the rage there is on cosmetic work, there has been an increase of unqualified and unlicensed practitioners offering cheap and dangerous bargains, or claiming to be certified for “other boards” other than the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Make sure to select a legitimate doctor by visiting these recommended sites: American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These sites offer a search function to help you find a board certified surgeon in your area, as well as provide valuable information regarding all kinds of cosmetic procedures.

  4. It Will Affect Breastfeeding

    A large number of patients in Honolulu who have gone through breast augmentation are still able to breastfeed. The presence of implants also doesn’t harm the nursing child in any way. However, certain techniques used in a procedure pose a small risk in the ability to breastfeed. Depending on the location of the incision, there is a likelihood that the ducts in the nipple area will be impaired. When you decide to undergo surgery, make sure to discuss with your doctor about future breastfeeding concerns and incision placement areas.

  5. Recovery Won’t Take As Long As You Think

    The philosophy on breast surgery recovery in the past has changed. In a lot of cases, patients now recover quicker than before and are able to carry out normal tasks in as fast as three days. Of course, it is not unusual to experience pain following surgery. Pain tolerance varies from one patient to another, but usually, the first 48 hours are the most uncomfortable. Your doctor will discuss pain management with you prior to surgery.

If you’re considering getting cosmetic breast work, talk to us about your options at the Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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