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Honolulu Plastic Surgery Warning: Rejuvenation Shortcuts May Compound Risk for Accelerated Aging Randy Wong, MD on 16 Jul 2015


We now understand the dangers of solar radiation on our skin that damages collagen and elastin over a lifetime of exposure. I have been advising my patients to be aware of the plethora of anti-aging gimmicks offered today that may actually accelerate their aging process. Many patients have laser treatments to correct lines and wrinkles and tighten skin around the eyelids, but with repeated treatments, the additional radiation exposure can result in thinner skin that is more prone to lines, wrinkles, and loose skin from the loss of collagen and elastin. In effect, they may be accelerating the aging process, hastening the need for surgical lifting, and making them appear older, faster.

Along the same lines, injectable fillers placed in natural expression lines like the nasolabial folds and marionette lines will be massaged into adjacent tissues with smiling and talking. With recurring multiple treatments, this accelerates the fullness of their cheeks and jowls giving them an older appearance, again causing them to seek surgical correction earlier than they would have considered otherwise.

Finally, some topical skin care programs may be effective in thickening collagen through the stimulation of inflammation, but over decades of use, my burn and wound healing experience warns of the potential for increase scar and/or malignant degeneration due to unresolved inflammation. We need to educate our patients on how to protect themselves from the long term effects of short term rejuvenation efforts.

The irony is that their surgical correction is often made more challenging and results are more difficult to achieve because of the structural changes created by recurrent use of their “non-surgical” shortcuts over time.

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Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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