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How Long After Liposuction Until You Can have a Tummy Tuck or Breast Augmentation in Honolulu? Randy Wong, MD on 01 Dec 2016




Maybe you heard about it from a  friend. They got liposuction, or an abdominoplasty, and they looked stunning this past summer season. A tummy tuck in Honolulu gets you ready for the beach, it helps to reduce fat in the belly, and it gets you looking slimmer.


In recent years, liposuction in Honolulu has gained considerable popularity – but what about doing additional procedures? Patients often wonder if they can get more than one procedure done at once, or how long they need to wait between procedures.


Are you looking for any other cosmetic procedures like a breast augmentation in Honolulu as well? If you do decide to get another liposuction or a different second procedure, it’s a smart move to tell Dr. Wong up front. Depending on the procedure you may have to wait, or he might recommend getting both procedures done at the same time. The more information you give him, the better he will be at determining exactly the right plan for your body, goals, and lifestyle.


In this post we’re going to go through a few other common procedures that patients often pair up with liposuction, and how long you may have to wait before getting the second surgery.


Second Liposuction In The Same Area

If the first liposuction didn’t quite get the results you wanted, you do have the option of getting a second procedure in the same area. It usually takes 6 months to fully heal from the first procedure – sometimes even longer. You may want to get a second opinion from another surgeon before you decide to go back in for the second surgery. Dr. Wong will review your medical and surgical history and discuss with you the possible reasons why the first one didn’t bring the results you were looking for.

He will also check the area that the procedure was conducted in to see if it’s still inflamed. Once the inflammation goes down you’re clear for another procedure. Don’t be surprised if it takes six months or longer for your body to heal. It’s nothing to be alarmed about – sometimes healing just takes a little more time.


Liposuction In A Different Area

Let’s say you got a liposuction and the results were astounding. You might think to yourself that it would be nice to go in for a second procedure in a different spot. The good news is that the second liposuction can be performed as soon as you feel ready. As long as it’s in a different area, you don’t need to wait a day!


Breast Augmentation

This is where a little planning can pay off big time. Let’s say that you want to get both a liposuction and a breast augmentation in Honolulu. Should you get one, then wait until you heal to get the other?

Not quite. Dr. Wong often recommends that you get the two at the same time. The fat that’s removed during the liposuction can be repurposed and used for the breast augmentation. Instead of looking for an outside donor or an artificial implant, why not just relocate your own fat tissue?


Brazilian Butt Lifts

A Brazilian butt lift is the same as a breast augmentation, in terms of combining the procedure with liposuction. If you have a large volume of unwanted fat for liposuction, Dr. Wong can use it to shape your waist and enhance your rear.

Contact Dr. Wong’s office at (808) 725-2114 to schedule a consultation and discuss all of your cosmetic surgery goals. He can advise you on the best ways to combine surgeries, or the appropriate wait time between procedures for optimal results and good health.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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