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Liposuction in Honolulu for Cellulite Treatment Randy Wong, MD on 16 Feb 2015

Liposuction in Honolulu for Cellulite TreatmentThe number of medical facilities offering liposuction in Honolulu has grown over the years. More plastic surgeons in Honolulu now appreciate the use of liposuction as a way of treating cellulite. Women who get socially and emotionally weighed down because they are suffering from cellulite should understand that the condition is rampant and that it affects up to 90% of all women at some point in their lives.

Although it affects everyone, it’s less common in men.

It should also be noted that cellulite can affect almost everyone, regardless of whether they are slender or fat. As such, a lot of research has been carried out to find the causes and its treatment.

What causes cellulite?

There are several possible causes of cellulite. Someone from a family where women are affected by cellulite is likely to be affected too. Some of the known causes of cellulite are poor diet, hormonal changes, poor metabolic processes, inadequate physical activity, skin type, and more.

Individuals with darker skin are likely to suffer from the condition without others noticing. In lighter skin pigments, it’s more easily noticeable.

How is cellulite treated?

Without a doubt, the market is full of products, medical procedures and tips that claim to get rid of cellulite. While some of them haven’t been scientifically proven for the treatment of the condition, a number of them work perfectly well.

For example, there are individuals who may have cellulite, and once they start working on a physical exercise regimen, they end up getting rid of the condition. Some also get rid of the condition by simply losing some weight. In addition, there are individuals with bulging tummies who’ve gone for tummy tuck in Honolulu with great success.

The other medical procedures that provide solutions to cellulite patients are liposuction, use of applied energy such as radiofrequency or ultrasound, and cellulite creams.

Liposuction involves the sucking out of excess fat from different parts of the body that are affected by the condition. Because liposuction removes only the fat which is underneath the skin, it doesn’t work for all patients.

Radiofrequency and/or ultrasound is currently popular to stimulate thickening and some shrinkage of overlying skin and melting fat volume under the skin with significant improvement in cellulite appearance.


Therefore, if you want to get rid of your cellulite and want to consider a combination of methods with liposuction in Honolulu, you’ll need a session with your surgeon to determine whether it can work for you.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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