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Where Will Incisions Be Made for My Breast Augmentation in Honolulu? Randy Wong, MD on 15 Oct 2016



As one of the best places in America to show off a beach body, it’s no wonder a lot of women consider getting a breast augmentation in Honolulu. Breast augmentations may be relatively simple procedures, but anytime you go under the knife there’s a lot to think about.


A common question that comes up time and again is “where will the incisions be made?” After all, if someone is going to go through the trouble of getting the procedure, and buying a new bikini, they will want to know exactly where cuts will be made.


While no two procedures will be exactly alike, this article will cover the most common places that Dr. Wong of Honolulu Plastic Surgery would make incisions.


Common Breast Augmentation Incision Locations


Before deciding on an incision location for a breast augmentation in Honolulu, Dr. Wong will discuss the size of the augmentation, as well as the type of implant, with the potential patient. Most surgeons have a preference for incision location that they’re most experienced and comfortable with, but it’s not always practical, depending on what the patient is looking for.


As an example, if a patient is looking for a modest size augmentation, most surgeons will recommend a periareolar incision. The incision is made at the outer edge of the areola, and it follows the curve separating the darker area of the nipple from the rest of the breast. This type of incision allows the surgeon to slide the implant in and center it properly.


The periareolar incision is the most popular in our practice, and in the event that the patient needs another surgery, Dr. Wong can use the same incision again.


Another popular incision location is called the axillary incision. This one is in the fold of your armpit. It’s a more involved approach than periareolar. The downside is that only specific cases can use axillary incisions; they won’t work with larger or textured implants.


The inframammary incision is made in the crease below the breast and is usually well hidden in this crease.  This incision provides the easiest access for larger or textured implants


Other Procedure Incision Locations


What if someone wants to go the opposite way, and wants a breast augmentation by fat transfer after liposuction in Honolulu to show off this summer? Liposuction and fat transfers only need minimal and needle sized entry points, so there are more options for location with less scar.


Getting a tummy tuck in Honolulu is a different story. Depending on the physique of the patient, the incision can end up high on the stomach, or right above the pubic bone. It’s a wise move to discuss all options with Dr. Wong well before the procedure, but in many cases choices are limited for tummy tuck incision locations.


In most cases the incision location isn’t set in stone, so anyone looking to get a procedure should have a discussion with Dr. Wong to see what options are available. In many cases, the incisions can be made in places that are covered by underwear or swimwear, so there’s nothing to worry about!


If you’re curious about receiving liposuction, a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation in Honolulu, contact Dr. Wong’s office at (808) 725-2114. As one of the foremost plastic surgeons in Hawaii, he can guide you along the path to your ideal body, as well as answer any questions you may have about procedures and incision locations.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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