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Honolulu’s Asian Blepharoplasty May be the Procedure for You Randy Wong, MD on 16 Nov 2015

honolulus-asian-blepharoplasty-may-be-the-procedure-for-youIf you are in Honolulu for blepharoplasty, your best option for a plastic surgeon is Dr. Randy Wong. He is one of the top plastic surgeons in Honolulu specializing in blepharoplasty and also skilled at performing plastic surgery on your most troublesome areas. His love for creating beauty shows and is visible in the way he pays attention to the finer details in his work.

Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center offers procedures ranging from breast augmentation to facial rejuvenation. Our staff has the ability to put you at ease and ensure that you are the top priority while you are obtaining plastic surgery in Honolulu. Dr. Wong will consult with you prior to the surgery to ensure that you are prepared for the exact results you will obtain. He will determine the best way to achieve the results you desire. His skill as an artist is combined with his medical expertise to give long-lasting and amazing results that you will absolutely love.


What is blepharoplasty? It is an eyelid lift procedure that can truly improve the appearance of your eyes. During this procedure excess fat and skin are removed from the upper eyelid, creating a better field of vision for the patient. This procedure can help with drooping eyelids, puffy eyes, bags underneath the eye, and fine wrinkles around the eye.

Why Blepharoplasty?

Most patients obtain this type of plastic surgery due to age-related sagging of the eyelids, which decreases the ability to see properly. Gravity takes its toll on the eyelid and causes it to droop, causing the individual to look much older than they are and to have obstructed vision problems. The Asian population also obtains this type of procedure to westernize their appearance. This type of blepharoplasty is termed double-eyelid surgery because the upper eyelid, which normally lacks an eye fold, is given an eye fold to widen the eye and allow for better vision.

Your eyes are the window to your true emotions. They can truly be the focal point of your face and they may be showing your age and fatigue in an overstated manner. This is why eyelid surgery is such a great way to reduce the signs of aging. This type of procedure has a minimal healing and recovery time of around a week and it will have you back to work and ready to truly see the world in a new light.

Let us restore your sight and your confidence with this simple procedure that will have you looking years younger. Contact your Honolulu blepharoplasty plastic surgeon, Dr. Wong, today for all of your cosmetic needs.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

The origins of my desire to become a doctor are quite comical when you stop to think about. When I was a child I had to get a shot and due to the amount of squirming and shaking I did to avoid the needle, it broke off in my skin.
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