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Honolulu Plastic Surgery is Ready to Give you a Mommy Makeover Dr Honolulu on 24 Aug 2015


Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center can change your life. Plastic surgery in Honolulu can be the answer to your mommy body needs. Having a child can be a beautiful and amazing experience. However, it can be a traumatic experience for your body. Trying to get your old body back may not be achievable even with exercise and a proper diet. So, in that case you may need to see Dr. Randy Wong.

The main area of concern in a mother is the belly area. Even if the fat can be burned, the skin never seems to return to its original state. Stretch marks can also be a huge problem in this area. Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center provides the best tummy tucks in Honolulu. The flap of skin and fat in this area can be removed and the skin pulled down to create a smooth abdominal area. This will allow you to wear a bikini again and walk on the beach with confidence. Make an appointment with them to get rid of excess skin and make the abdomen area look tight and smooth again. Along with your new tummy you will gain a new sense of confidence and be ready for the beach in no time.

Liposuction is another procedure that can help with the trouble areas where fat deposits accumulate and cannot be removed by traditional exercise and diet alone. Dr. Wong can meet with you for a consultation and determine the best course of action to take to get your body back to its former state of beauty. Liposuction not only removes the fat, but prevents it from coming back again in that area. The new contours that are created will bring back the confidence you used to have and help you to take part if activities that may have been uncomfortable prior to the weight loss.

Breast augmentation is another consideration for the mothers out there. The quick inflation of the breast tissue to provide milk for nursing soon becomes a deflation and the skin that is left behind may be loose and saggy.

Sometimes, the fat tissue swells in different locations and causes uneven and lumpy breasts. Having a consultation with the Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center can be a way to correct this problem and obtain breasts that are customized to your needs. Dr. Wong can reshape and resize the breast tissue in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and also minimally invasive. The recovery time for his procedures are significantly reduced from breast augmentations of the past. This augmentation can truly change your life and reduce feelings of depression and make your dreams a reality.

Having a child is a wonderful experience, but getting back to the old you is also a beautiful experience. Take the time to get your consultation and determine the best route to get you back to the old you. Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center is here for your needs and wants the hot mom in you to resurface.

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