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Honolulu Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer Technique Randy Wong, MD on 13 Feb 2015

Honolulu Breast Augmentation For women who would like to get Honolulu breast augmentation that’s performed through fat transfer, the procedure is readily available. When going for plastic surgery in Honolulu for breast augmentation, it’s always advisable to select a surgeon who’s got the experience, skills, and the requisite technological capacity to deliver.

For years women have wanted a more natural approach to breast augmentation that doesn’t involve using saline bags or silicone gel. The alternative that medical advancements have provided for breast augmentation is using a fat transfer technique, which is both safe and delivers amazing and natural results.

Of course a woman would want to rid unwanted fat deposits in other parts of the body when her breasts remain less than full. Fat transfer procedure is the answer to balance both of these issues in one procedure.

So how does breast augmentation with fat work?

The procedure involves transferring fat from other parts of the body such as the abdomen or hips and using the fat to fill the breasts and shape them. The fat is first collected by low vacuum liposuction and then inserted to the breast through tiny incisions. The collected fat must first be processed to remove any unwanted elements such as blood or water in preparation for the transfer.

Honolulu plastic surgery has proven that breast augmentation using fat transfer is no longer a controversial procedure, but a safe and highly effective approach towards improving one’s body shape.

Fat transfer has become widespread because it has several advantages over the use of saline water and silicone gel. The fat being transferred is natural and inherently safe. Fat grafting has the potential of improving your general body shape, and the procedure doesn’t require longer incisions like other breast augmentation procedures. At the same time, fat grafting allows for proper sculpting of the breast to give it projection and contour while helping the tummy and hips to achieve a more attractive shape.

When you visit a Honolulu breast augmentation surgeon, you’ll first be taken through an initial consultation and exam to determine whether you are a good candidate in order to avoid any probable risks.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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