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Where Could I Get Scars From a Tummy Tuck or Breast Augmentation in Honolulu? Randy Wong, MD on 01 Nov 2016




Spend a little time researching cosmetic surgery, like a tummy tuck in Honolulu, and you may have noticed that the scar size, intensity, and placement differs from person to person. It’s the same for all cosmetic surgeries, including breast reduction and breast augmentation in Honolulu. There are a few different reasons why the scars seem to vary so much, and we’ll cover them in this post, so you can be an informed consumer when you walk into Dr. Wong’s Honolulu Plastic Surgery office.


Main Factor: Body Shape

Besides type of procedure, the type of body and the level of fat or sagging skin are the largest factors that determine the location of a cosmetic surgery incision. Dr. Wong will always attempt to make the scar as low as possible to keep it out of sight, and he will work with you to determine the ideal placement. Keep in mind, though, that doctors aren’t miracle workers. Any invasive procedure is bound to leave some type of scarring, so It’s important to discuss all of the options with Dr. Wong before proceeding.


Tummy Tucks

The entire point of getting a tummy tuck is to be able to show off a nice flat belly to your friends and family. With that in mind, most surgeons will try to place the procedure scar as low as possible. In an ideal world, they’ll be able to place it low enough so your bikini covers it up completely. If you have any concerns, bring the clothes you want to wear in to show Dr. Wong so he can get an idea of what you’re looking for.

In a perfect world that would be the end of it – you bring in the bikini, show the doctor, and the incisions are placed so the scars are hidden. It isn’t always that simple, though. If you are looking for a significant amount of fat to be removed, or have a short torso, the incision may go higher in order to achieve your desired results. While there are lots of techniques and specific cuts to keep scarring to a minimum, the scar might get placed closer to your belly button.

There are 3 main types of tummy tucks, and all of them have different types of scars. Mini tummy tucks involve less skin being removed over a small area, and therefore leave a very tiny scar as a result. If you only want a small procedure, inquire about the mini tummy tuck – you might be pleasantly surprised at the end result.

Normal, or ‘traditional’, tummy tucks and extended tummy tucks will leave a much larger scar on the abdomen. While it might be possible to creatively hide the scar from a traditional tummy tuck, there’s very little you can do with an extended procedure. Most patients feel that their scarring is much more appealing and easier to hide than stubborn waist and belly fat.

Those patients who wish to avoid even a hint of scarring might prefer liposuction in Honolulu instead of a tummy tuck. Liposuction uses a small cannula and suction to remove fat, so the entry point is tiny and the scar is barely noticeable.


Breast Augmentation

Looking to get a breast augmentation in Honolulu? Good news, there are many more options available for incision placement than tummy tucks. There are three main locations for the incision that surgeons use. The most common for large or textured implants is inframammary – underneath the breast fold.

If you prefer, they can also place the incision in your underarm, or along the areola. Not all of these options will always be available, but Dr. Wong can further advise based on your body and desired end result. if you decide it’s the right time for a breast augmentation, take some time to discuss what size and type of implant you’re looking for. If it’s a larger implant, for example, the surgeon may not be able to make the incision in your underarm – it’s all based on what you’re looking for.

Although you can’t predict where or how a scar will be with 100% accuracy, surgeons have some flexibility when making the decision. Bring up your own opinion, and Dr. Wong will help to hide the scars as best as he can to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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