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Breast Augmentation in Honolulu – Risk, Safety, and Things You Need To Know Randy Wong, MD on 31 Mar 2016

Breast augmentation is usually carried out to make the breasts look fuller and bigger. But it’s also employed for reconstruction purposes after diseases such as breast cancer or mastectomy. Honolulu breast augmentation is famous for its safety, efficacy, and long-lasting results.

There are basically three types of breast implants i.e. silicone gel, shaped cohesive gel, and saline.

Silicone implants consist of silicone/silastic shells which are filled with a soft silicone gel or a shaped cohesive silicone gel.  Whereas, saline implants are silicone/silastic shells filled with saline (salt) water. A recent popular option is the use of the patient’s own fat transferred to the breast by injection.

Procedure of Breast Augmentation

Honolulu-Plastic-Surgery-Randy-Wong-MD-Breast-Augmentation-Risks-Type-and-Things-You-Need-to-KnowAccording to FDA guidelines, women must be at least 18 years of age or more to get the breast augmentation of saline implants, and at least 23 years of age to get the silicone implants.

A complete medical evaluation is necessary before the breast augmentation procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon will review your overall medical history and give you the required instructions. You might be required to stop the consumption of certain medications and food items a few weeks before the surgery.

Depending upon your health condition, your breast augmentation can either be carried out as an outpatient surgery, or you might be required to stay in the hospital overnight.  The whole procedure usually gets completed in one to two hours. General anesthesia is used during the surgery, which makes the procedure pain-free for the patient.

The cosmetic surgeon will make a precise cut underneath the breast, around the nipples, or under the arms, depending upon the type of implant, the body-type of patient, and the amount of enlargement required. The breast implant will then be placed into a small pocket below or above the chest muscles. After the placement, the cuts will be closed with either sutures or sterile surgical tape.

Risks Involved In Breast Augmentation Surgery

A consent form will be signed by the patients, which ensures that the patient completely understands the procedure and its potential risks and complications.

Dr. Randy Wong, trusted plastic surgeon in Honolulu, lists down the risks involved in breast augmentation are:

These risks and other complications must be discussed in detail with the chosen plastic surgeon before undergoing the surgery.

Safety of Breast Augmentation

The Institute of Medicine and other independent groups, which carried out extensive scientific research regarding breast augmentation, declared that there’s no threat of autoimmune disorder or any other systemic disease due to breast augmentation.

However, some important considerations in this regard are:

It is important to note that the overall health of your breast is not compromised in any way via breast implants. Plastic surgery in Honolulu is widely known for the most effective and safe breast augmentation.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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