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Recovery Tips to Know before Surgery Randy Wong, MD on 17 Apr 2017

People looking for breast augmentation in Honolulu, or a variety of other cosmetic procedures, have been relying on Dr. Randy Wong’s skill and friendly staff for years. His low pain procedures  and way of integrating complementary alternative medicine is able to make procedures as comfortable as possible, but there are still a few recovery tips that are important to be aware of prior to surgery. By keeping these pieces of advice in mind, your recovery will go much easier and you will be back enjoying life in no time.


For any surgery, including a tummy tuck in Honolulu, you will want to be sure to pick the right surgeon for your needs. Dr. Wong will help guide you through what will be taking place during the procedure and can also show you before and after pictures from previous patients to give you an idea of what results to expect. Scheduling a consultation is a great way to find out more about any procedure you’re considering.


Post-op moving and massages help facilitate recovery. Especially if you’ve recently had a breast augmentation at Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center, massaging the implants is important. Motion helps prevent scar tissue around the implants from contracting. Giving a good massage every two hours during the first two weeks to a month after surgery is ideal.


Liposuction at Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center is another popular procedure, and just like any other procedure, it’s important to avoid high blood pressure. Relax, don’t get too worried or unnerved about things. Take some time to recover and don’t let outside concerns bother you during this time. Similarly, avoid exercising for the next four weeks to allow your body to recover. It’s generally a good idea to stay away from aspirin and other supplements that could prevent blood from clotting.


Perhaps most importantly in an effort to recover quickly following surgery is to stay in a good state of mind. As much as it is a cliche, much of recovery is mind over matter. Think about the positive outcomes of your surgery and focus on how great you will look and feel in a short period of time. The more positive energy you focus on your recovery, the better it will go. You may not be ready to hit the gym right after surgery but before long you’ll be ready to do everything you’ve always done, and you’ll look even better doing it.


Dr. Wong and his staff at Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center are happy to discuss recovery and any other aspect of cosmetic surgery with you to make sure you’re ready and informed when you schedule an appointment. From liposuction to breast augmentation, Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center is skilled at anti-aging regenerative medicine and reconstructive surgery, so no matter your needs we should be able to help. Give us a call at (808)725-2114 to schedule an appointment or consultation and find to how we can help you look and feel better.

Randy Wong, MD

Randy Wong, MD

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