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Honolulu Plastic Surgery Offering Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation: A Great Choice in Honolulu Plastic Surgery


The effects of aging will one day catch up with everyone and in some cases you will be able to have plastic surgery in Honolulu to reverse the aging process. Many beauty products on the market advertise that they can help to stop and reverse the aging process, but none of them are as effective as plastic surgery in Honolulu. A facial rejuvenation done by one of the leading plastic surgeons in Honolulu, Dr. Honolulu, can produce the results that you want. Many of the procedures that are included in facial rejuvenation are minimally invasive and have very little downtime associated with the recovery. Here are a few of the many benefits associated with the facial rejuvenation procedure offered by Dr. Honolulu.

The Reduction of Wrinkles

In most cases, wrinkles that are always noticeable are a sign of severe sun damage or aging and most people try their hardest to reduce these wrinkles to no avail. One of the best ways to remove the wrinkles on your face is by having fillers put in, which is part of the facial rejuvenation process offered by Dr. Honolulu. The fillers will allow for the wrinkles to be reduced and for you to regain the youthful look you have been searching for.

The effects of gravity can wreak havoc on the skin as you age, which is why the face lift offered in the facial rejuvenation is a must. Dr. Honolulu will pull back the excess skin on your face and then cut it off, which will allow you to look years younger. This part of the facial rejuvenation process takes very little time to recover from, which means that you will be able to get back to your normal routine in no time.


Another issue that many men and women deal with regarding their skin is hyperpigmentation, which are basically sunspots and freckles that are left behind after years of exposure to the sun. The light brown patches created by sun exposure can be removed by a process called laser resurfacing. This process allows for a laser to restore the pigmentation in your skin, which in turn removes the spots on your skin. The more exposure you have to the sun as you age, the more of these spots you will have on your skin. If you feel like you need this type of treatment, then call Dr. Honolulu’s office to schedule a consultation where he will evaluate your eligibility for this type of procedure.

If you feel like you are ready for this type of Honolulu Plastic Surgery, then be sure to give Dr. Honolulu a call today