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About Our Team

The Team at Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center

Maria Tokidoki, Administrative Assistant

Maria TokidokiMost people know Maria as “the Animal Magnet”. Beginning at the age of five, Maria has rescued a total of nine baby birds, one puppy, one kitten, and a rabbit. Classmates who knew about her skill would always ask her questions about how to raise baby birds, whenever they found them. Maria holds such compassion for animals, and even considered developing her own organization to help rescue animals all over the world. Her love for animals remains evident to this day, caring for her beautiful lovebirds, dwarf bunnies, and cats.

MariaBirdsDuring her free time, Maria loves to draw and paint. Despite her multiple talents in piano, abacus, boxing, kick boxing, and hip hop dancing, she most enjoys her art. Art has always been a great way for Maria to express herself and allows her access to her own world. She is amazed that other people seemed to have enjoyed her art as well, offering to purchase her paintings. She also had requests to draw and design pamphlets and worksheets for abacus school. Best of all, one of her drawings was used for a Japanese school’s uniform after winning the t-shirt design contest. Maria just loves to draw and paint at home to relax.


Mrs. Shigeri Wong, Owner, Healing Arts and Spa Designer

ShigeriWongShigeri provides expertise in beauty products, skincare, and in-office medical facials with our longstanding SkinCeuticals account. Shigeri was born and raised in Japan with their high respect for customer service and manners. Mrs. Wong’s healing energy is channeled from spiritual connections passed down from her family in Japan. Her rare and unique name “Shigeri” was given by a Buddhist monk to symbolize “home of compassion” and her parents developed a strong following in Japan for their special abilities of (paternal) clairvoyance and (maternal) healing. Our office décor and ambience was designed with color and lighting for calming and comfortable experiences. Known for her abilities to bond with animals (our dog whisperer), artistic culinary skils, as well as her talent with Hawaiian and Heart quilts and sewing, Shigeri emanates a purple aura and shares her Ki energy for healing to round out our transformative experience. She can sense low levels of Ki and balance these areas with her own energy. We invite you to experience her power to make people comfortable and smile.