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The Right Season For Plastic Surgery Dr Honolulu on 14 Oct 2019

honolulu breast augmentation

While there is no specific season that is optimum for a Honolulu breast augmentation, there are some specific reasons many women choose the fall of the year for the procedure. One reason is the fact that it gives the new implants some time to heal before the holidays while the body surrounding the implant adjusts to the new addition. Of course, September is just before the holiday season as well, and many recipients are wanting to look more attractive during the season when they may be generally more active. Self confidence is an important aspect for many women electing breast augmentation, and looking good at certain gatherings can be important. Each individual is different, and personal particulars matter. Here are a few things to consider.


Scheduling a Procedure


Most specialists in breast augmentation in Honolulu schedule this particular form of plastic surgery in earnest beginning in September. Other procedures like liposuction are typically performed the year around, and particularly in the summer because it is relatively easier to recover during the summer. The cooler season can be much more comfortable because incisions are more significant and covering the wound is often required. Honolulu breast augmentation typically takes longer than other smaller incisions, and the fall is best.


Best Time for a Mommy Makeover in Honolulu


Women who have families with young to intermediate children often want there schedules cleared for the holidays, and school is in full swing during the fall. This gives them time at home to focus on their personal healing needs while the children are in school during the day. This may seem trivial, but many recipients of a mommy makeover in Honolulu will want some real “me time” when recovering from an implant operation. Scheduling the recovery process is as important as ensuring the time is right when the procedure is completed. Just as with any other non-emergency medical choice, it is important to have a plan of recovery.

Of course, there could be many reasons women have a breast augmentation in Hawaii, and they are not all always cosmetic in nature. Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision, it is always best to make sure you choose an experienced plastic surgeon at a reputable plastic surgery facility that has a long track record of successful surgeries for their clients.

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