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Plastic Surgery-friendly foods Dr Honolulu on 06 May 2019

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When it comes to plastic surgery, maintaining a healthy diet before and after your procedure can greatly help fasten the recovery time by strengthening your immune system. The body needs to be fortified with highly nutritious foods pre-surgery to properly prepare for the recovery process and what is to come. If you are getting a Mommy Makeover Honolulu procedure with Dr. Randy Wong, MD, it’s vital to incorporate only the best foods in your diet throughout the process. Many foods have the ability to minimize indigestion that are caused by antibiotics from plastic surgery. This in turn can prevent you from experiencing constipation and stomach pains. Not eating after surgery can slow down the healing process, so prioritizing a good diet is essential.


Top 3 Plastic Surgery-friendly foods


– Fibrous Foods


Foods rich in fiber such as oatmeal, whole grains, beans, bananas, and broccoli play a major role in preventing imbalanced bowel movements. After surgery, the body will not be able to fully function as normal in terms of mobility, which can stunt metabolic rate. Adding more fiber into your diet however can aid this issue.


– Antioxidant Rich Foods


Antioxidants is a nutrient that is essential for the body to function properly. Implementing more of this nutrient to your diet before and after getting Honolulu breast implants or liposuction can help with smoother recovery. The foods with the most antioxidant content include cherries, pomegranates, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, and blackberries.


– Vitamin C Rich Foods


Increasing your vitamin C consumption will greatly help keep your vitals and hormone levels balanced. This nutrient can also help with preventing blood clots which can be more likely to occur after a breast augmentation Honolulu procedure. Foods rich in vitamin C include oranges, tomatoes, cauliflower, and peppers.


Along with increasing the vitamins and minerals into your diet, it is also vital that you prioritize your hydration as well. Drinking lots of water after surgery is definitely more important than before the procedure, as detoxification is crucial after plastic surgery. During a Mommy Makeover Honolulu procedure for instance, the body will be infused with lots of antibiotics and pain relievers which you will of course want to flush out naturally. Drinking more water will also help to turn a fat soluble nutrients to water soluble versions. Doing this is vital, as medications can get stuck to your liver which can raise various health concerns. Essentially, the more water you drink the less likely you will experience infections.

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