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New Year, New You! Dr Honolulu on 07 Jan 2020


The holidays have come and gone and the new year is here. After worrying about your family’s happiness for months, it is now time to gift yourself. A breast augmentation from Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center is the perfect way to reward and pamper yourself after the hectic holiday season. Here are a few questions you may have:


  1. Why Would you get a Breast Augmentation?


Do you want to add fullness and shape to your breasts? You may no longer be happy with your body after giving birth, losing weight, or simply aging. A breast augmentation can be used as a restorative surgery if you no longer have the breasts that you want. Of course, it also assists when your natural breasts appear asymmetrical or misshapen, or are too small for your taste. After all, it is your body, and if you are not happy with it, it is your prerogative to change it.


  1. How does Breast Augmentation Work?


Breast augmentation surgery will provide women of any size and shape with a stunning, curvaceous body featuring perky, full and voluptuous bosoms. The procedure involves placing a silicone implant filled with either silicone gel or saline and placing it within the breast. Sometimes there is a slight fat graft added. The size and shape of the implants is adjusted to meet the patient’s preferences.


  1. How do you Prepare for Breast Augmentation Surgery?


Whether you want larger or more symmetrical breasts, or breasts with a better overall shape, your surgeon will be able to work with you, but he or she needs to know what your ideal breasts look like. So, before you meet with your doctor, know what you truly want in advance so you can convey your individual goals to him or her.


Schedule a consultation ahead of time with your surgeon to review your lifestyle and your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure. Most doctors will meet with you for free prior to surgery to discuss your options, such as, whether of not a breast lift is also needed, incision types, implant placements, and whether you want saline or silicone.


Speaking of doctors, be sure to conduct extensive research so you find the best one in your area. Dr. Randy Wong is a highly-skilled and experienced surgeon in Honolulu and with him, you are in great hands. He is the best surgeon for breast augmentation Hawaii has to offer.

In conclusion, you probably have a long list of resolutions this year, but if improving your body is one of your top priorities, your breasts are a great place to begin. So call Honolulu Plastic Surgery Center now and schedule an appointment for a local Honolulu breast augmentation. Our friendly staff will help you set realistic cosmetic goals and help you to understand all your options. Visit us in Honolulu today.

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