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How to Dress After your Operation? Dr Honolulu on 07 Jun 2019

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Your procedure is over and now your recovery begins. Surgical techniques for breast augmentation in Honolulu are conducted in a method that results in less recovery time, as close attention is given to the surrounding tissue and incision placement in order to expedite your healing. The recovery period typically takes between four to six weeks, with the most discomfort experienced within the first two weeks of surgery.


The clothes you wear are extremely important during your healing period. Certain clothes may increase your pain and discomfort that may prolong your recovery and complete healing.


As far as undergarments, underwire bras will irritate your incisions. Wear your surgical bra as recommended by your breast augmentation Hawaii plastic surgeon. This bra has a soft band to minimize irritation to your incision. Compression on an incision will result in scarring and potential infection. You will then want to transition to a regular sports bra for the next few weeks, and it is recommended that you buy a slightly larger size for comfort purposes. Avoid lace bras or lingerie until at least six weeks following surgery, as this material has the potential to shift the placement of the implant.


There are special bras on the market made especially for post-operative breast augmentation. These bras are made with material that reduces fluid, promotes blood circulation, and decreases inflammation. The fabric stretches to adjust to your size and accommodate swelling, as needed.


You will want to minimize arm movement the first week following your Honolulu breast augmentation. Loose-fitting cotton sweatshirts with zippers and button up shirts will be the easiest option so you will not have to lift your arms over your head, which may be painful. Once the pain subsides around the second or third week post-surgery, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting shirts or sweatshirts for the next two to three weeks. If you’re experiencing discomfort wearing your regular shirts after three weeks, return to loose-fitted clothing for another week or two.


You can expect to resume wearing your regular wardrobe around six weeks from your surgery date. Keep in mind that your new body may result in a clothing size change or the way your clothes fit prior to your surgery.


After your breast augmentation Honolulu procedure, you will able to expedite your healing by wearing the most appropriate clothing during the recovery process. 


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