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Do You Need Surgery When You Have Filters? Dr Honolulu on 05 Mar 2019

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Nowadays, plastic surgery is more common and socially acceptable than ever before. Today’s world is also heavily filtered on social media like Snapchat and Instagram. You would think that the ability to use filters might make some people pause when it comes to getting plastic surgery. After all, you can easily erase your flaws with a filter and look picture perfect in all your selfies. The obsession with filters has actually given way to more people getting plastic surgery to resemble filters. Plastic surgeons are reporting seeing more people opting for plastic surgery in direct connection with how they look in a filter on Snapchat or Instagram. They want that look to be a reality and not just a faux image they have on their social profiles.


Filters v. Plastic Surgery

Filters are a commonly used feature on Live Chat apps, Snapchat, Instagram stories, and Facebook stories. The filters were designed by App developers to be used for telling stories and for fun when speaking with friends or followers. Filters are used for having fun and that’s it, but they are also used by people who are unhappy with how they look and may want to fix some things about their physical appearance. Filters may temporarily fix what they want changed, but plastic surgery is the only permanent or more permanent way to change your appearance. So even with the filters around to fix up your photos, that does not mean people wouldn’t want real, more permanent changes in their faces and bodies with the use of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a real change that you have to commit to.


Filter’s Influence on Plastic Surgery Decisions

Filters may not be a permanent solution for appearance changes, but they’ve still had a considerable impact on recent plastic surgery cases. The rise in filter use has made people hungry for the ability to resemble a filter in the real world too. Plastic surgeons are reporting that more of their clients want to look like filtered versions of themselves. The filter inspired patients want to have enlarged eyes, defined chins, nose jobs focused on the nostril shape, smoothed out skin to get rid of wrinkles or acne, and enlarged lips. Plastic surgeons are careful nowadays to ensure that their patients who are inspired by filters are aware of the reality of their plastic surgery choices.


Mommy Makeover Honolulu Plastic Surgery Service

You can get a Mommy Makeover Honolulu plastic surgery service at our plastic surgery clinic. Despite the use of filters you still may want to have your body done up to be the best possible version of yourself post-baby. To get breast augmentation Honolulu, you can visit our plastic surgery clinic. For liposuction Honolulu, you can also visit our clinic. You can have these procedures done with your mommy makeover or as standalone procedures. Filters will never replace what your appearance is in real life.

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